3D Printer Threaded Rod VS Timing Belt

Two different types of nozzle actuators for 3D printers - Threaded Rod VS Timing Belt. This guide will break down their differences:

Overall, Timing Belts are best for faster prints with less vibration but if you're looking to achieve more accuracy, threaded rods are your best bet.

Here is why:

Threaded Rod VS Timing Belt

These two systems are common in Cartesian and CoreXY 3D printers.

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Threaded Rods have been around for decades and still remain popular today because they allow for quick setup and easy adjustments.

Timing Belts, on the other hand, provide a more rigid frame which allows for faster speeds with less vibrations.

Two methods both have their pros and cons so it really depends on what you're trying to accomplish when choosing one over the other. The biggest question you'll need to ask yourself is whether or not your goal is faster print speed or accuracy.


3d printer threaded rod

Timing Belts are the better choice for speed because the belt is stretched in between two pulleys so less slippage will occur which means you can move at faster speeds without worrying about your print job losing accuracy.

The way to feed the filament reduces slipping and with less force, which means all these little things add up to produce a good quality print.

Timing Belts can also cause problems during prints if there isn't enough tension or too loose on the belt. Periodic calibration is required to make sure your 3D printer is optimized for the job.


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Threaded rods provide a more precise print because the threaded rods are exactly what they are. The rod is simply threaded into each component that it passes through, which eliminates slippage.

3D Printers With Threaded Rod Design

Prusa i3 MK2 is a 3D printer that has a threaded rod as its main drive mechanism. The next one will be the Creality CR10 worth checking out.

3D Printers With Timing Belt [Direct Drive]

3D printers with timing belt feature hobble drive gear and stepper motor to move the extruder. The direct drive system pushes the filament directly to the hot end. There is also bowden system. Read about their differences here.

Prusa i3 MK3S+ is a reliable and upgraded 3D printer many people are using, and the next is the Flashforge Creator Pro 2 with much more print volume and other new features

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