Ying Xu

University of Kansas Aerospace Engineering grad. US Air Force veteran with weapon system knowledge that translates well to technical system troubleshooting skills, creative problem solving and attention to detail when designing innovative parts

PLA VS PETG – Major Differences

In this quick reference guide, let’s break down the major differences between PLA and PETG.Material Properties ComparisonPETG Material PropertiesDensity – 1.27 g/cm3Thermal Coefficient Expansion – 60 µm/m-°CMax Service Temperature – 73°CBed Temperature – 70 – 80°CExtruder Temperature – 230 – 250°CRecommended Build Surfaces – Glue Stick, Painter’s TapePrice – $20 – $60 per kgAreas Of …

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Are ABS 3D Printer Fumes Safe?

Are ABS fumes harmful? Yes, ABS fume is toxic when heated. In extreme circumstances, ABS fumes cause:HeadachesStrong odorSkin irritationRespiratory irritationDrowsinessFatigueThermal burnsAccording to MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet), “The ABS is not expected to be an inhalation hazard under normal processing conditions. However, if the material is processed under prolonged exposure to flame or high temperature, the …

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