6 Best 3D Print Test Projects For PLA Material

Here are 8 simple 3D printing test projects to try using the PLA filament material.

For anyone just getting started with 3D printing, these projects are ready for download and ready to print without getting creating a part from scratch.

Let’s check them out:

PLA Material

  • Most popular 3D printing filament material for desktop 3D printers
  • Start with PLA to further your skills
  • Easiest material to print, multiple color offerings
  • Good for simple prototyping, concept models, action figures, toys, small utility items, and many more
  • Tons of learning resources & Q/A available online

Check out the PLA material property guide here

6 Small Projects To Try

Foldable Phone Stand

No, you don’t need to make a phone case for your specific smartphone. All you have to do is print this simple phone stand in under 1 hour and adjust the position to hold any small size & lightweight phone or tablet

Print Time: 1 hr

Download Here

Mini Chess Pieces

These are simple and tiny pieces you can print and actually play with for a long time

Print Time: 4 hrs for the whole set

Download Here

SD Card Case

If you’re a photographer then you will find this simple SD card case very helpful to store multiple microSD cards.

It holds 2 regular size SD cards and 7 microSD cards.

You can also close the lid to protect it.

Download Here


A simple gyroscope is fun to play around with in your hands or in the office. The part has already been designed to fit all rings into place.

Download Here

Fidget Gears

Spinning gears can quickly show you how things can come together and work as a part of an engineered system. The fidget gears are simple to print and can be easily put together. Hope this can inspire you for other projects.

Download Here

Small Boat

This is by far the most downloaded part for 3D printer tests. It’s a simple object with detailed enough surface areas for learning how to calibrate the printer and also can be tested for other 3D printing materials

Download Here

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