5 Best 3D Scanner Apps For Smartphone

Here are the 5 best scanner apps for smartphones to make photogrammetry objects right on your smart phone devices.


trnio 3d model scanning

Up to 500 high-resolution images per scan to really build the exact details your project needs.

Trnio provides ARKit and LiDAR technology to make the scanning process easy and produces consistent results every time.

Please print out a mat on a non-glossy paper for the best tracking result.

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qlone 3d scanner

Qlone can provide an augmented reality user experience to scan objects in real-time. In addition, it provides many other great features to make your 3D workflow much easier.

  • Easily display interactive 3D models on the web & in AR
  • Export in a variety of popular 3D formats for use in other 3D tools/projects – OBJ, STL, USDZ, GLB, FBX, PLY, and X3D. (some on iOS only)
  • Export directly to i.materialise (online 3D printing service)
  • Merge two different poses of the same object, re-texture from a different pose to get overall better results.

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iteez3d scanning app

Just like the Qlone scanner app, the ItSeez3D can capture and share 3D models easily with your mobile devices.

Features cloud model reconstruction to fill in details for a clean model to be shared or used in other 3D applications.

High model quality up to VGA resolution with RGB 3-8MP resolution for iOS. 2 MP resolution for RealSense.

Works for obj, ply, wrl

Paid version can prepare the model for 3D printing

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canvas 3d room scanner

Canvas is the choice for engineers and real estate professionals to scan rooms up to thousands of measurements per second. Canvas combines LiDAR technology with its own computer vision technology to create accurate 3D scans and CAD files.

It allows users to virtually visit scanned spaces any time, and measure up to 99% accuracy.

Saves hours on 3D modeling tasks with the one-tap scan to CAD service. Get your CAD files delivered within 2 business days.

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Scandy Pro

scandy pro 3d scanner

Just like other apps we have recommended above. The Scandy Pro can capture full-color 3D scans with TrueDepth devices, and the user can then create 3D content with it.

The live on-device meshing in real-time can provide high-quality photogrammetry texture (Immediate feedback) without waiting for hours for servers to give you the results you need.

Built-in editing suite can help the user speed up the 3D content creation workflow without a computer. Do it all on the phone app.

Check it out here

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