3 Best Filament Dryers

You are here because you want to fight moisture to protect your 3D printer filament.

Here are the 3 best filament dryers to buy.

PrintDry Pro - Best Overall

Dimension: 230mm X 285mm X 350mm

This thing holds 2 filament spool (up to 300mm). The built in digital display features 5 presets (35ºC, 45ºC, 55ºC, 65ºC, and 75ºC)

Auto Shut Off - The digital timer is setup for 48 hours before auto shutoff.

Protects Against Humidity - The double wall structure protects the filament from humidity to ensure proper printing.

Store More Spools - The additional chamber kit is available to purchase to expand the room to hold more spools.

Sovol SH01 - Best Size

This one is designed to dry filament just like the PrintDry Pro.

Ensures Good Quality Print - Remove moisture and restore original print quality with that smooth and clean surface

Works With 3D Printer - Directly feed the spool while stored inside the dryer

Adjustable Temperature - Digital monitor displays temperature and feed real time data to the user

(40-50 ºC for PLA/Wood,  45-50 ºC for PETG/TPU/PVE, 50 ºC for ABS/PC)

Vacuum Environment - Silicone spacer in the edge of the box along with 4 bags with desciccants improve drying efficiency and quality 

PolyMaker PolyBox - Best Price

Dimension: 310x180x230mm

PolyMaker Polybox is a great deal for storing filament spool in a humidity free environment. 

Reuseable Desiccant Bag - Saves money and it's reuseable

Easy To Read Display - It only displays temperature info without other complex features

Risk Free Full Refund - Get your money back if it doesn't work the way you expected