3 Best Oculus Link Alternatives

If the Oculus Air LInk isn't working out for you due to internet speed or router problems, here are the 3 best Oculus Link Alternatives to ensure a better PC to Oculus Quest 2 connection.

Amavasion Oculus Quest Link Cable

This cable offers much more stable and flexibility compare to other USB 3.0 cable for the headset, which means it can last longer

Tested for 5 GBPS speed for data transfer to ensure smooth PC to headset data link. If Air Link due to weak internet is a problem for you, this is going to fix it.

The USB Type C interface with a 90 Deg angled design prevents it from disconnecting from oculus quest easily, so you have more room to work with.

16 ft cable length allows room-scale VR experiences without having to accidentally disconnect the headset and tug your head when you walk out of the range.

Kuject Nylon Braided Cable

This lightweight braided cable works the same way as the Amavsion link cable above. It provides up to 5 GBPS data transfer speed, and offers up to 20 ft length.

It also features shielding capability with AL-Mylar and protective mesh to keep the cable fully protected from stepping on it or jamming it behind a heavy desk.

You can also use this to charge other devices such as phone, portable hard drive and other battery devices

Oculus Brand Link Cable

For those that just want the original Oculus brand cable. Here it is with 16ft blazing fast fiber optic cable to work with your Oculus Quest 2 to PC to play your favorite Steam games such DCS, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Onward and many other apps.

Just like what the product description says, connect to over 1000 PC based VR titles in your library.

What To Look For

For the best PC to Oculus Quest connection, the connectivity and durability of the cable is critical. Not all USB cables are made the same, so here are what to look for when buying the link cable.

Data Transfer Speed

For the best VR experience, buy a cable that is capable of handling up to 5G (GPBS) per second data transfer rate. While most cable claim to have 5G, they fall short with about 3GPBS.

The original Oculus link can definitely deliver that performance, but it's expensive, which is why people shop for other alternatives.


A good quality cable is good, but it doesn't help if the cord length is too short for VR users to experience room-scale VR applications.

It may not be an issue for seated VR experiences, but if you are going to stand, please buy a cable that is long enough for what you need to do.

If you feel the tug of the existing cable you have not, then get a longer cable.


durable usb 3.0 cable

Don't buy thin cables period because they bend and eventually wear out the component inside. Going with a coated cable with nylon coating is a great option.

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