3 Best Oculus Quest 2 Glasses Spacer

Here are 3 best Oculus Quest 2 glasses spacer products you can buy right now. These inserts provide room clearance so your glasses don't press the glasses against the headset anymore!

Amavasion VirtuGlasses Lens Insert - Best Overall

This is an easy to install insert frame with corrected lenses for people who are myopic. Pick among 21 different SPH-rated lenses for your specific need.

Users can mix and match the lens based on the latest eye exam prescription

Ditch the glasses and experience VR headsets in a whole new way.

This product is simple and useful for Quest 2, Rift S and Oculus Go. The insert clears the room for a pair of glasses and it doesn't scratch the lens.

It snaps onto the headset easily as well as removal.

KIWI Face Cushion - Best Facial Cushion

This product does the same thing as the products we have recommended above. It's different in that it also creates more room for the user's face outward to clear the glasses.

It's super easy to install and features soft PU leather foam about 0.63" with noseguard to give users a much better VR headset experience while using the Quest 2.

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