3 Best Triple Monitors For Sim Racing

Here are the 3 best triple monitors for sim racing. The key specs to pay attention to are:

  • Resolution
  • Refresh rate
  • G-Sync
  • Response rate
  • Size

For the most immersive experience, getting the largest size monitor for all 3 is ideal, and they should be running at 144Hz or higher to avoid screen tear.

If you already have a compatible graphics card and the workspace setup, check these monitors out

Top Triple Monitor Setup Selection

AOC C32G1 32" Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor

This curved, frameless gaming monitor is the perfect choice for anyone who wants a bigger screen for sim racing. It features VA panel technology instead of IPS or TN screens which have been known to yield better color accuracy and image quality in general with their fast response times (1 ms).

You will also enjoy seamless performance thanks no matter what aspect you're looking at because there's full HD resolution while keeping 144Hz refresh rates and 1ms response time!

The 8 bit color depth ensures rich colors while 125% sRGB guaranteed accurate hues along with solid blacks due the lack brightness drawback common among other screens emitting too much light which can cause eye strain over long periods


  • Brand: AOC
  • Resolution: 1920×1080 
  • Display Size: 32-inch
  • Screen Resolution: FHD
  • Refresh Rate: 144hz
  • Contrast: 50, 000, 000: 1 
  • Display Inputs: HDMI, DisplayPort
  • Warranty: Three years 

What's Good

  • 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms MBR accuracy
  • FreeSync 2 for a smoother view
  • Beautiful and frameless front design
  • High contrast, color-rich, and vibrant display

What's Bad

  • Limited adjustable feature
  • Darker scenes don't display very well

The Dell Ultrasharp U2715H is an excellent monitor for mixed usage. It's bright, has decent picture quality, and has no major flaws - That said it does have some backlight bleed as well as a higher refresh rate would be improved by gaming departments in order to give you the best sim racing experience possible


  • Screen Resolution: 2560X1440
  • Display Size: 27"
  • Refresh Rate: 60 Hz
  • Contrast: 1201:1
  • Display Inputs: 2 HDMI, 1 Mini Display Port
  • QHDRefresh Rate: 144hzContrast: 3,000:1Display Inputs: HDMI 2.0 and DP 1.2Connectivity: USB-CWarranty: Three years 

What's Good

  • Wide angle
  • Good brightness

What's Bad

  • Lack contrast control
  • Uniform blacks with some visible backlight bleed

If you are looking for a monitor to game on, then the BenQ EX3203R Curved Gaming Monitor is one of your best bets. This 31-inch screen features WQHD resolution and 144 Hz refresh rate which provides buttery smooth performance that will leave any sim racer much happier than looking at a single flat-screen monitor


  • Brand: BenQ
  • Resolution: 2560×1440
  • Display Size: 31.5-inch
  • Screen Resolution: QHD
  • Refresh Rate: 144hz
  • Contrast: 3,000:1
  • Display Inputs: HDMI 2.0 and DP 1.2
  • Connectivity: USB-C
  • Warranty: 3 years

What's Good

  • Large qHD screen with excellent 144Hz refresh rate.
  • Bright, vivid, and realistic view to bring immersion
  • Cuts off all the tears and broken frames.
  • Easy one-cable connection with USB C.
  • Curved panel design that helps other non gaming tasks as well

What's Bad

  • No built-in speakers (Not a deal breaker)
  • Minimal HDR effects


What's The Refresh Rate Benchmark?

144Hz is the best sim racing experience. You can play on lower refresh rate, but will encounter frame drops and issues with other aspects in game that you may want your monitor to handle like smoothing out gameplay at high FPS rates.

A higher framerate offers smoother motions while playing and it's much easier for the eyes to process the information for a smooth and realistic gaming experience

What Size Monitor Is Best For Sim Racing?

Anything from 23" to 36" are good triple monitor setup. Keep all 3 monitor the same is always the best way to go, and makes setup easier.

How Much RAM Do I need For Sim Racing?

Different games require different RAM, this is a question for PC builders. Generally speaking anything over 8G is the way to go.

The higher the RAM and VRAM, the better performance you can expect. Nice monitors can't squeeze the performance out of a crappy computer. 

Is VR Headset A Better & Cheaper Option?

Virtual reality headset will completely change the immersion experience compared to a 3 monitor setup.

It's actually will be way cheaper, more immersive and provide active presence feeling that you just can't get with multi-monitor setup.

We wrote an entire article comparing these two option, and you can check it out here: VR vs Triple Screen

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