4 Best VR Prescription Lenses

If you wear glasses while doing VR, you gonna love what this guide will show you. Here are the 4 best VR prescription lenses for headsets so you can lose the glasses.

Lose The Glasses In VR With These

VR Wave

VR Wave

VR Wave offers the solution to use VR headset without the hassle of prescription lenses. This is because we have specially calculated and adjusted them for best experience with any type of headwear! And since they are made from high quality materials designed exclusively by FreeformLenses®, it's scratch free and doesn't hurt your eye from harmful blue light


reloptix magnetic vr lens adapter

Reloptix VR lenses for the Oculus, HP, HTC and Valve headsets are prescription inserts that give you a way to enjoy your virtual reality experience without wearing your glasses and reduces eye fatigue or lens scratches. 

Just enter the latest prescription for both eyes from your eye doctor and order directly from the store.

VR Lens Lab

vr lens lab

VR Lens Lab is passionate about bringing the best VR experience to gamers. They worked hard to design prescription lenses that work with various headsets. The glasses are thin and they are made for your eyesight in VR without glasses.

The user can make their VR playtime a truly immersive experience with these lenses. 

Widmo VR

widmo VR prescription lenses

Like the ones recommended above. No more discomfort when you wear your glasses under the headset. Keep the lenses in your device from getting scratches.

How To Select Prescription Lenses

As long as you have the latest eye doctor prescription, ordering these lenses is easy.

vr prescription lenses

Get on the site and select the prescription based on the following data for OD (Oculus Dexter) and OS (Oculus Sinister):

  • Sphere
  • Cylinder
  • Axis
  • Add

A plus sign (+) in front of your SPH number means you are farsighted. A minus (-) sign means you are nearsighted. You need to enter the signs just like on your prescription.

How To Install

Installing the prescription lens onto a compatible VR headset is easy. Just Inserting them into your Rift for example,  just takes a twist, and there are silicone spacers to help with a good fit.

Most them snap into place and you're good to go. This is very simple when swapping the headset between someone who needs glasses and someone who doesn't.

Check out VR headset spacers here