3 Best Ways To Watch Virtual Reality 3D Movies

Here are the 3 best ways to watch virtual reality 3D movies as soon as you get your VR headset out of the box without installing any complicated mods to fake the 3D effects.

Download the following apps for Oculus Quest 2:

Big Screen

big screen movie theater

Big Screen lets the user experience movies with friends and other people in the VR environment, and it will wow you when you first step inside like stepping inside a movie theater.

Users can also purchase or rent true 3D movies inside the catalog without import or convert videos.

Above all, Big Screen's fully immersive experience and possibilities are endless.

  • Fully immersive and interactive with other people
  • Chat with friends sitting near you while watching movies
  • Customizable avatar
  • Option to mute others or host private rooms
  • Movie rental
  • Play and share video files in one of many theaters


skybox vr

Super immersive 3D environment just like Big Screen, but it feels alot more elegant.

The user is presented with easy to use VR player to stream YouTube, personal VR videos, 2D, 180°or 360° videos up to 8K resolution using AirScreen, SMB or DLNA inside your device. In another word, it supports all stereo modes and it provides super badass VR experience.

Netflix App

netflix vr app

Netflix app is the most simple VR experience. The user sits in a nice room of a mountain home with a giant screen in front to play Netflix shows. Just simply log in to your Netflix account and you're good to go.

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