Can You 3D Print Custom Scale Models Parts?

The scale modeling world has changed since the introduction of 3D printing. Anyone with 3D drafting skills can create their own custom part exactly the way they want while saving money if retail products are not available.

Resin kit is some of the most popular addon part people buy to significantly increase the model details.

Typically a high detailed resin kit and parts set cost anywhere around $30 to $70. While 3D printing can save you up to almost 80% – 90% per if you print it properly.

How To Speed Up The Print Process

You maybe good at 3D drafting, but you may not want to spend hours doing it.

Instead you can visit 3D model websites and just buy a model file and configure it for print to save time.

We recommend TurboSquid and CGtrader

Scale the 3D model inside the CAD software for print

Check out these examples:

When Does It Make Sense To 3D Print Scale Model Parts?

Most high quality model kits come with highly detailed parts, but some areas just need more work. It makes sense to 3D print parts for your specific scale model design if you can’t find the part you need.

If you’r building a set like this shown below you may not have everything you want in the model kit, so you have to create your own.

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