Creating Animation In Virtual Reality [3 Benefits]

Creating 3D animation in Virtual Reality brings another dimension of creativity that isn't possible a monitor.

Here are some of the 3 benefits of rigging 3D animations in VR.

Better Preview Feedback

animation in vr

Rigging physical animations like character movement in VR provides better visual feedback on missing details while significantly cut down time.

Some subtle body languages or engineering related physics are harder to see on a monitor but the missing element is noticeable in live action VR.

If these details are missed, then it can subtract the immersion for creating volumetric VR videos or gaming experiences.

This provides the content creator with a multi sensorial experience when it comes to crafting a story for a game or to make the VR experience better.

Better Fine Tuning


Building animation in VR ensures the content creator maximizes the effort with much better hand dexterity than using a mouse.  The user can see the scene in full VR room-scale instead of looking at the computer screen for hours. 

Animations that require many close-up details can really benefit from building them up in VR.

In addition, the content creator can come up with more ideas when working in a custom VR workspace than looking at the screen.

Better Design Intent

VR engineering

Building character animation or physics simulation becomes more intuitive in VR. The content creator can get an accurate preview on the scale of the scene, the speed of the animation, and overall smoothness.

It enhances spatial understanding of the project, and can help communicate the idea to the rest of the team. Many times, great ideas are often underestimated due to poor communication without any visual preview presentation. This solves that problem.

In addition, this also helps 3D models to create better models with details that typically being ignored when working on a monitor.

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