Foveated Rendering Explained

Foveated rendering reduces VR goggle computing power and maintains the highest resolution in the center of your vision to get the best possible image quality.

foveated rendering eye focus

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In another word, wherever the user is gazing will get the highest display resolution, and everything else will be slightly less. This also means VR users can move their eyeballs to pan around instead of moving the head.

The fovea is a small part of the retina that renders content in higher resolution while the rest is effectively blurry.

What Is Dynamic Foveated Rendering?

foveated rendering nvidia

Dynamic foveated rendering improves computational efficiency, frame rate, device performance, low latency tracking to give the user the best visual experience in virtual reality.

What Is Fixed Foveated Rendering

Fixed foveated rendering makes it easier for the software to maintain a consistent and comfortable frame rate by reducing visual details in less noticeable areas.

What Other Possibilities Can Foveation Technology Deliver?

As foveation technology improves over time, the VR experience will get better, and there will be better visual optimization.

Consumers can also compress and stream live content efficiently over low latency.

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