How To Calibrate E Steps For 3D Printer

In this quick reference guide, let's show the steps on how to calibrate E steps for a 3D printer.

The letter "E" simply means "Extruder", and Steps refers to the stepper motor.

Extruder means the number of steps a stepper motor takes to extrude 1mm of filament. Poor calibration leads to inaccurate prints due to over extrusion or under extrusion.

Tools Required

dail caliper
  • Printer
  • Filament
  • Slicer software installed
  • Dial caliper
  • Marker

4 Steps To Calibrate

Note: A standard stepper motor needs 200 steps to complete a single rotation. Periodically the filament cable may slip or not the right amount of filament is being extruded.

Calibration Main Goal: To ensure the right amount of material to extrude, and this is what you're actually calibrating. Nothing more complex than this.

Extrude 100 mm Length of Filament

3d printer calibrate e steps

Extrude the first 100 mm of filament and measure the actual length that comes out. This will be the first starting point to know how much to calibrate E steps.

To do it correctly, please make sure the following:

  • Preheat extruder nozzle
  • Remove any previously used material first before extruding

Measure Actual Length

ender 3 e step motor

Use a dial caliper to measure the length and make necessary adjustments.

The printer should extrude out exactly 100mm.

Make Adjustments

  • 20mm over means under extrusion, increase steps / mm setting
  • 20mm less means over extrusion, decrease steps / mm setting

Repeat The Process For The 2nd Time

Repeat the step to check the consistency.

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