How To Connect Oculus Quest 2 To PC

Here are the simplest way to connect Oculus Quest 2 to PC without a cableand yes you can play PC titles on it.

It can be wired or be wireless, and here is the step by step instructions you can follow to get it set up:

Download Quest 2 PC App

quest 2 pc app

To play Rift content on Quest 2, please install this app first.

Click here to download

For anyone using the Oculus Quest 2 starting after April 2021, it can be connected wirelessly via Air Link.

Connect Via Air Link V28

select your headset

After the PC app is installed, please connect your Quest 2 using Air Link.

  1. Go to Devices
  2. Add headset (Quest 2), Click continue
select air link oculus quest 2

Choose Air Link, Click continue

connect your headset quest 2

Put on Quest 2 headset and go to Settings

  1. Select Experimental
  2. Turn on Air Link
  3. Connect to your PC & confirm pairing code, Done!
air link enable
confirm pairing code

Peak out of the Quest 2 headset and hit confirm on your PC Oculus APP.

air link confirm

Set Oculus Quest 2 As Active Headset

Simply go into the Oculus app, go to devices

Select Oculus Quest 2 to be the active device if you have Rift S connected.

Be sure to recharge the Quest 2 as you play.

Other Considerations

If your Wifi internet router isn't up to speed to support the data transfer rate between your PC and the Quest 2 headset, the next option is to use a cable that has at least 5 GBPS transfer speed.

The Oculus brand Link cable cost about $80, but you can get them cheaper here

If you still want wireless connection, but your Wifi router isn't capable, you may need to upgrade it. See Oculus Quest internet requirement

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