How To Fix Oculus Software Restart Required Issue

It's super annoying when the Oculus app requires you to restart it. Well, here is the steps showing you how to fix oculus software restart required issue. Just follow the step, fix the problem and enjoy your VR experience.

Steps To Restart Oculus Headset

oculus software restart screen

Step 1. Unplug Oculus Headset From The Computer

Step 2. Restart The Computer

Step 3. Reinstall Oculus Software

Step 4. Reconnect Oculus Headset To The Computer

Step 3. Update Oculus Driver To The Latest Version

Step 4. Update Graphics Card Driver To The Latest Version

oculus rift s connected

Step 5. If Needed Restart The Headset From The Oculus App

Go to the Oculus App on the PC, go to Settings > Beta > Restart Oculus

restart oculus headset
restart all oculus software

If Problem Continues

If the problem continues after following the steps, try it again. Try it on a different computer if you have one. When all solutions are exhausted, you may have a bad headset that need to be replaced.

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