How To Fix Trouble Starting Oculus

Oculus has encountered an error, and it says: "We're having trouble starting oculus" 

oculus error message we are having trouble starting oculus

When Oculus software won't start and shows an error like this right before use is very annoying, and here is how you can fix this error and get started enjoying your VR experiences.


This Oculus error happens when the Oculus runtime service or the headset software is corrupted.

Try the following steps to fix it:

  1. Update all video card driver (Update Nvidia here, Update AMD here)
  2. Update operating system
  3. Unblock Oculus app from any antivirus software
  4. Go to
  5. Download Oculus software and run it
  6. Click repair
oculus app repair

This should fix the problem by reinstalling the Oculus software and be sure to restart the headset and your computer.

Your saved data shouldn't be affected, but there could be a chance that this error can corrupt your file.

So frequently backing up your data is important for anything computer related, just copy things to your hard drive routinely to avoid losing data inadvertently.

If nothing works, then you may have to uninstall the Oculus driver software and update to the latest version. Please reference the Oculus setup repair guide here.

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