How To Improve Oculus Quest 2 Air Link Speed Performance [Try These 5 Tips]

This guide will show you how to improve Oculus Quest 2 Air Link speed performance.

Oculus Air Link allows the user to connect Oculus Quest 2 to PC without an Oculus Link Cable. However, a high-speed internet connection is a must to ensure good bandwidth to transfer data without lag or problems.

connect your headset quest 2

5 Improvement Tips To Try:

Note: Before applying any improvement, ensure your PC components can run the VR application smoothly. If not, no amount of improvement can fix the lagging issue if the hardware isn't up to the standard.

Run SteamVR Performance Test

Download Steam and run this free tool to see if your computer is VR ready, and it's going to give you a reading.

The SteamVR performance test app can quickly measure your PC's power in about 2 minutes via an VR demo to set the benchmark, and you will see something like this:

steam Vr performance test

If you wonder why is my Oculus Quest lagging, this maybe the first root cause to investigate

Check Graphics Setting

Go to NVIDIA or AMD graphics card control panel, and check the specs, as well as overall computer specs.

In addition, please perform the following steps:

Go into the VR application, for example, a game. Change the graphics setting to VR preset if available for the most optimized performance

The minimum VR ready PC specs (2022) should be:

  • Intel i3 or greater
  • NVIDIA GTX 1050 or AMD Radeon RX 470 or greater
  • Windows 10
  • 8G RAM

Recommended VR ready PC specs should be in the ballpark of the following:

  • Intel i7 or greater
  • Nvidia GTX 2080 or greater
  • 16G RAM
  • Windows 10

As VR becomes more mainstream, users will most likely to upgrade their PC in the near future. Please check out these VR ready PC down below:

Upgrade Wifi Router Or Be Closer

wifi router

You may not need a gaming router this intense, check routers for home use below

If you experience VR FPS lag or graphics stutters while on Air Link, it can potentially be the Wifi router speed.

First, try to use the Oculus Quest 2 on Air Link as close to the router as you can to get the best connection. Prefer in the same room.

Be sure to be in the range of your router, the further away the weaker the connection, which leads to choppy VR experiences that can lead to headache or VR motion sickness if it's not corrected.

Try connect the PC to router physically via ethernet cable to get the fastest possible internet connection.

netgear 5g connection

If your router isn't on 5Ghz connection, please make sure the wifi and headset connection are using 5G. If your router isn't a 5Ghz, we highly recommend upgrading it.

Turn Off Other Bandwidth Draining Apps

close tabs

Close all other apps such as YouTube, Netflix or other internet bandwidth draining apps to ensure all the data feeds to your headset via Air Link.

Upgrade Internet Speed

fiber optic cable for faster internet

Your standard internet running at 50Mbps can stream Netflix and YouTube, but VR is a whole different ball game. 

To experience smooth VR streaming or using the Air Link, 200 Mbps or 250 Mbps is recommended as the minimum internet speed connection.

Please contact your local internet provider for more information for upgrade.

As VR technology and the Metaverse evolve over time, fiber optic internet service is required to feed the bandwidth, and some cities are already offering these services to increase your internet speed.

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