How To Make Virtual Reality Videos For YouTube

There are so many ways to make virtual reality videos for YouTube now than before. 

YouTube and Daydream Labs introduced a new service that makes it possible to create YouTube VR videos and record fun experiments from your desktop.

Other ways include 360 degrees video for VR users where combining the left eye and right eye methods is required. 

If you're new, please let this guide help you to get started.

How To Create a VR Video From Scratch

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There are a few different ways that you can create a VR video.

You'll need a smartphone, a VR headset, and some type of video editing software. If you don't already have video editing software, there are plenty of free or inexpensive options available.

The first step is to capture your footage.

Once you have your footage, you'll need to import it into your video editing software. Next, you'll need to create a VR video file. This can be done by using the software's built-in VR video format or by exporting your video as a VR video.

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There are so many ways to properly create videos geared for VR experiences, please click here to learn more.

Transfer the file to your smartphone and then open it in the VR headset's app. Once the file is loaded, you can put on your VR headset and enjoy your immersive video.

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When uploading to YouTube, YouTube supports playback of 360 or 180 spherical videos on Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge, and Opera browsers. YouTube VR app is available on most VR headsets.

Some VR videos made with 3D software require more post-processing than others to create the best experience.

How To Edit Videos For Virtual Reality?

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Virtual reality footage is processed a little differently than regular 2D videos. The 3D stereoscopic process is required to combine the image of the left eye and right eye together.

Experienced professionals must make sure the camera rig is properly set up to capture the best footage with a dual-camera setup.

The key to editing a well-made VR 360 video is to make sure the user doesn't get disoriented in the scene, and make sure to eliminate any camera shake. So there is more emphasis on filming good quality images, then editing will be much easier without having to reshoot.

Is There Head Tracking Feature In 360 Videos?

Most 360 videos allow the VR user to pan, but no vertical or horizontal translational head tracking. Currently, only 3D videos and scenes can allow head tracking, but not 360 videos.

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Cellphone users can place their phones in VR mode and pan to view the footage. Desktop users

When that technology arrives, viewing real-life footage in VR will be a mind-blowing experience.

The Future Of Streaming VR Videos

Internet speed will only get faster in the future, and we will expect VR streaming services to come to the main stream.

When that happens, it will change how people play video games, movies, work and other media.

Best VR Googles To Use

There are a few different types of VR headsets available on the market. The Google cardboard works well for causal cellphone VR viewing experience, and it's very cheap.

The next up has to be the Oculus Quest 2, and what people like about it is that it doesn't feature any wire so the user can be free.

HP Reverb G2, HTC Vive or Varjo Aero will be the next top options for higher-end VR applications such as games and 3D movies.

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