How To Use VR Apps Without Gyroscope – Try This Instead

If you want to quickly demo something to someone about VR without hooking them up with complicated headset devices, you can show them VR on your smartphone even without a gyroscope sensor. This guide will show you how to use VR apps without a gyroscope sensor.

Most phones today feature gyroscope sensor, but if not, please try the following:

Ways To Do It

Try Google Cardboard

google cardboard

Get one here 

Google Cardboard is the cheapest option to quickly mount your smartphone inside and experience virtual reality.

The best result is when using a large screen phone if you have it, and all it does is let the user see through the two magnified fresnel lenses. It doesn't feature head tracking or anything like that.

Download Apps To Simulate Gyroscopic Data

Download Xposed Framework on the phone and install VirtualSensor

The app combines sensor data from the compass and accelerates to make custom virtual gyroscopic data.

The downside of this is inaccurate tracking that can lead to shakiness and lag.


oculus quest 2

We highly recommend experiencing high fidelity VR with better technology that has everything you need without cable or PC connection. Just put and on and go.

For that we suggest you checking out the Oculus Quest 2 or other headsets. So you can enjoy way better VR experiences without doing all these DIY things or mods that can potentially break your phone and leave you frustrated.

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