Oculus Quest 2 Wont Turn On [Easiest Fixes People Forgot To Try]

Oculus Quest 2 won't turn on is annoying when you need it to. Here are some troubleshooting tips you can try to resolve the problem.

How To Turn On The Headset [Troubleshooting]

For many users who didn't read the instruction manual, this is how to properly turn on the headset.

Hold the power button for 3 seconds to power up the headset. Many people thought only one button press is needed to power up the headset (No! press and hold for 3 seconds)


Make sure the headset is fully charged.

Hard reboot the headset - Holding the power button for 30+ seconds until the LED light turns white

Factory Reset

Oculus quest 2 mic

This is the last resort to reboot the headset

  • Hold down POWER & VOLUME DOWN (-) buttons at the same time until boot menu appears
  • Use volume control buttons to select "FACTORY RESET"
  • Confirm and start the reboot process

The user can also use the Oculus App to reboot, but it's up to you. Doing it on the headset is already easy enough.

Charge The Headset

It's always a good idea to recharge the headset first. Please be patient and wait.

If the orange light doesn't come up, please make sure the charger is working before leaving it alone. Be sure to a high quality USB C cable for the best current flow.

A poor charger or USB cable will result in slow charging speed or potential damage to the battery.

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