OpenXR Tool Kit To Enhance VR Visual Clarity

OpenXR tool kit is designed to enhance VR rendering, upscaling, image sharpening, and other VR app tweaks.

How Does It Work?

OPENXR tool kit

The main purpose of the OpenXR Toolkit upscaling feature is to replace in-game equivalent and get better visuals, better performance and additional adjustment settings. You should only use in-game render resolution 100% when using the OpenXR Toolkit.

If your VR image looks blurry (Not the lens or poor vision), this is a software worth looking into.

The game's performance is controlled by several factors. One of these, render resolution, can be adjusted to keep within your frame budget but it also has an effect on how smooth or pixelated things look when they're being rendered in real-time.

The OpenXR ToolKit is a game-changing technology that will allow you to experience the virtual world in ways never before possible. This toolkit provides fine-grained adjustment settings for those who want more control over their overall experience and hardware capabilities.

How Does OpenXR Improve FS2020 VR Performance?

openxr tool kit upscaling menu

OpenXR Toolkit drastically improves VR image and clarity in MSFS 2020

There is a rendering limit for how many pixels the game can display, and this affects what you see in-game. If it's too low then some artifacts may show up when displaying objects nearby your camera view such as cockpit knobs or buttons on instruments close to where you're looking at.

Enlarge any of these images by clicking or moving the mouse over them - this should help illustrate issues more clearly without having diagnosed problems.

OpenXR Custom Render Scale

openxr tool kit fs2020

The most important thing to remember about the headset's resolution is that it doesn't match what you're seeing in your game.

The pixel density of VR graphics must be higher than regular monitor resolutions because there are more pixels on each face, which means they have greater impact when rendered out into two dimensions for our viewing pleasure.

Does Headset Panel Native Resolution Matter?

The OpenXR runtime resolution per-eye is usually higher than the native headset panels' display.

This has been carefully chosen by manufacturers for nominal legibility and because of this reason.

The software recommends keep 100% OPENXR resolution without negatively impact gameplay experience with too many pixels cluttering up screen. 

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Hand Tracking

The OpenXR Toolkit does not add hand tracking capability to the headset, but it leverages hand tracking capabilities of some devices (such as the Leap Motion controller) and enable the hand tracking to act as VR controllers.

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