Top 9 Reasons Why Buy A 3d Printer [For Home Use]

Here are the top 9 reasons why buy a 3D printer. Whether you're an engineering student or getting into a new hobby, this guide will give you some ideas to finally pull the trigger.

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3d printing jet turbine inside

If you or your child is an engineering student, a 3D printer is an amazing piece of technology to be apart of your growth in the technical field.

Whether it's building a drone, mechanic part or testing material tensile strength. You will build the fundamental 3D printing knowledge.

What's great about purchasing a 3D printer for home use is that you can always experiment your own project outside of normal school hours, and discover things you may not learn in standard school teaching.

Extra hours of 3D printing practice at home will provide more insights to get good.

Make Money As A Business

3d printed chess

Yes, you can make money as a business with 3D printers. Print custom DIY parts to sell online  that are not widely produced can help you earn some passive income as you build up your business.

One way to make money through 3D printing is to create educational 3D printing courses that involve in-depth technical knowledge. 

Building up an audience base is critical to get started with great content. Web content, SkillShare, Upworks, YouTube, Instagram and others can all be apart of your business strategies.

You can easily start a website today below:

You can also sell 3D printing services by being the middle man as an affiliate for 3D printer products to review the latest materials, software and printer parts.

Scale Model Building


If you're a hobby scale model builder, knowing how to print your own custom part will significantly improve the overall projects.

Not all model kit provide the parts you need, and sometimes it's much easier and more affordable to download a CAD file and print it at home.

A custom resin part sometimes cost $50 - 100, while you can print it with your own 3D printer at home the exact way you want.

Cultivate Creativity


3D printing opens the door for super artistic designs to be made. Buying your own 3D printer allows you to experiment different projects at your own time without someone telling you NO.

For example, 3D print action figures of "you" by 3D scanning yourself. Then print it with 3D resin printer with highly detailed features and colors.

Learning 3D Drafting


3D drafting skills will be cultivated when you get into 3D printing at home. Learning how to draft a 3D model using CAD software will exercise your creativity to another level.

Based on what you're trying to print, your 3D CAD file needs to be optimized to print. It's a process that involves critical thinking to make it work.

You can prove a design concept very quickly using 3D printer before mass producing them as a business.

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