Steam VR Not Detecting Headset [Causes & Fixes]

If your Steam VR is not tracking or Not detecting headset. Here is what you can try to fix it.


  • Unplugged cable (In case you forgot)
  • HDMI or USB Cable not plugged in all the way (Double check just to be sure)
  • Front facing camera may interfere with tracking stability
  • Older driver updates
htc vive connection

If everything was fine previously, then suddenly headset not tracking. It may be problems with headset


  • Close all Steam apps and restart the APP. Restart the computer if necessary
  • Update graphics card driver and other essential updates
  • Remove all reflective surfaces around the play area
  • Make sure base stations show green light to synch
  • Set up the base stations correctly and make sure the base station can see the headset in your room
  • Check front facing camera to see if it looes track every time you bring up the dashboard (Disable it to see improvement, or lower camera bandwidth)
steamvr vive

Once everything is squared away. Please recalibrate SteamVR and follow the onscreen prompts to complete the process.

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