Top 9 VR Applications

Here are the top 10 VR applications that change people's lives including video games.

Flight Training

VR flight training

The flying community massively benefit from virtual reality flight training to get familiar with individual pilot's training need & realism at fraction of the cost.

VR provides pilots the highest level at home training before real flights. Try unlimited amount of takeoff, landing and emergency procedure until reaching proficiency.



3D modelers can finally leverage the power of VR technology to view the prototype design anytime they want like engineers visiting the factory up close in person.

Engineers can get a feel of the design and get an accurate feel of the product before entering mass production.

Engineers can also communicate better in VR by dissecting the design apart like in the movie Iron Man.

Virtual Meeting

vr meeting

The COVID 19 pandemic has changed the way people interact. Even through in person meeting is always the best, but virtual reality provides unrestricted dimension for people to interact that isn't possible in real life.

Virtual meeting can also help users to demonstrate things in real time to the audience in ways the physical world just can't. Such as writing something on the board or showing product demonstration without the spatial limitations.

Video Games

VR games fps

There has never been a better time for VR games than now. Immerse yourself in the game your love and experience game environments you weren't able to experience before looking at a monitor.

Games such as flight simulation, racing, FPS, RPG...etc will reach new heights with VR technology. 

As display resolution continue to increase in the VR world, the VR gaming is going to be huge


Vr meditation

VR meditation can put the user in the environment almost in a drug alike experience. It's like transporting instantly to a new place to do meditation.

Whether the user wants the beach theme, mountain theme or majestic nature, the VR technology opens the door for meditators in ways that weren't possible.


VR movies

Imagine movies in Virtual Reality form. The audience can see more details to the story like a fly on the wall. 

CG movies can benefit from this ASAP, while real life filming will have to catch up to adopt this type of technology to make the next blockbuster movies

Unconstrainted Dimension

VR world

Virtual reality provides unlimited access to places restricted in the real world. VR experiences like going to space in a video game or attending VR events where things can get more creative than in real life.

These environments will be at scale no one has ever seen before, and it's going to change the way we live, work and play.

Tactical Combat Training


Military and law enforcement professionals can benefit from 1:1 scale tactical training environments that the real world simply can't offer.

It will be just like VR flight training, giving the user immersive training experience to build muscle memory for real life applications.

PTSD Treatment

VR ptsd treatment

Anyone suffers from PTSD can benefit from virtual reality treatment to reprogram the brain and help the individual moving on from the past trauma. 

Even though physical exercises, social life, diet, healthy mental fitness are huge part of PTSD treatment, but VR is going be a big help to reprogram the brain so new neurons are wired to change a person's life.

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