Top 3 VR Flight Simulator Experiences To Try

Here are the top 3 VR flight simulator experiences you gotta try before you die. VR technology has changed the way pilots train how to fly, and allowed them to build muscle memories for real-world flying.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

fs2020 VR landing las vegas detailed scenery

Relive your first time experiencing landing at Las Vegas

Microsoft flight simulator 2020 is the best virtual reality flying experience in the industry. The new simulator brings top-quality 1:1 scale real-world map graphics to fully immerse the user in the VR.

landing wing view fs2020

Fly over photorealistic cities before touch down just like in the real world

Pick any aircraft you like and be the pilot in charge. Take the plane and fly anywhere in the globe for professional aviation training, fun, and sightseeing.

Surfing through the cloud, then arriving at a destination airport & flying to overpopulated cities give the VR user an out-of-this-world experience as if the user is actually traveling.

The favorite part is the VR traveling experience closely mimics the feelings of actual real-world travel when arriving at the airport.

Digital Combat Simulator (DCS)

dcs a10c attack run

Experience ultra realistic air power demonstration close up

Digital Combat Simulator (DCS) is by far the best fighter jet combat flight simulator on the market. Nothing comes close to the realism the DCS world has to offer.

vr usaf pilot training

Referenced Davis Monthan AFB

DCS is free, but the modules are paid software that will blow the user's mind. Every switch, every knob, and every system is closely simulated to the real thing. In fact, real-world air force pilots use something like the DCS to train to get proficient.

dcs f18

Feel what it's like to be a F/A-18C fighter pilot in a tight spaced cockpit

Users can interact with the weapon systems to a high degree of realism than anything else on the market, and one thing DCS players will experience in VR is the speed & scale of the battlefield as if the player is deployed into the war zone, and to experience pulling 6 G's in an F-16 Viper at the comfort of your home is just amazing.

Currently, the most realistic aircraft people can enjoy in DCS are:

  • F-16
  • F-18
  • F-14
  • MI 24P Hind
  • KA50
  • AH64 Apache
  • A10C
  • Mig 29S
  • F15C
  • P40
  • BF109
  • Mosquito
  • and many more

X Plane 11

x plane 11 VR interface cockpit 737

Hand tracking also available to maximize realism when interacting with switches

Xplane 11 is similar to the Microsoft flight simulator, but the frame rate is just way better for users with lower-end PCs or VR headsets.

Currently X Plane 11's VR interface allows much easier control to operate switches than FS2020. For realistic switch operations, please try the X Plane 11

While X Plane offers a better frame rate while sacrificing graphics, VR technology is continuing to improve to reach the next level of low latency performance while increasing resolution & smoothness.

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