5 VR Games Without Controller Requirement

Here are 5 VR games without controller requirements. It's convenient for first-time VR users to experience something fun and fast without tons of setup using your smartphone.

Just strap on the VR headset and relax! Check this list out.

Smash Hit

Core experience - Fly through 3D glass structure and smash the glass objects along the way with accuracy so it doesn't fall back on you

Works for Samsung Gear VR

VR Roller Coaster

Core experience - Use it on Google Cardboard to experience roller coaster speed, steep slopes, banking on the railtrack.

Works for Android and iOS

End Space

Core experience - Much higher graphics quality than other games we have recommended for a simple and immersive VR experience on the iPhone. Players can shoot spaceships by pressing the trigger button on the headset.

Works for Google Cardboard

Snow Strike

Core experience - This may be similar to Minecraft with simple 180 FOV graphics. All you have to do is throw the snowball at the bad snowman using the headset to aim and dodge. Very simple to set up and play.

Works for Oculus and Android

VR Racer 360

Core experience - Experience a smooth high-speed racing VR experience right on your smartphone. The visual simulates real-life traffic and streets, and the player can control the car using the headset as a motion navigator. Just select a car and a map and go.

Works for Android

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