4 Ways To Make Good Money Through 3D Printing [Actionable]

While there are tons of ways to make money online, 3D printing is definitely a path to take. In this article, let’s talk about the top 3 ways to make money through 3D printing, and potentially make a solid business out of it. Remember, to make money you have to create value that people would like to exchange money for, and 3D printing is a great place to start and evolve into something bigger. Let’s check them out what you can do.

Create Your Own Products – Sell Online

If you have creative skills and you would like to create your own product to sell, 3D printing can help you get the ball rolling to prove a concept before mass production. It saves you time interacting with manufacturers, no back and forth communication, and saves you lot of money starting out. As your skills improve, building durable 3D printed parts will requires knowledge and experience to make your product better.

Publish High Demand Files For Download – Build A Stronger Online Business Backend

Publish high-demand 3D files that people are desperately searching for on relevant websites to gain links and popularity to increase the search engine ranking for a particular business. For an online business, this is called a lead magnet that helps significantly build up an email list and organic traffic to make an online business strong and more visible online. Profit may not be there right away, but more people know you online and more profit later.

Teach 3D Drafting & Printing Online – Earn Affiliate Commission & Ads

Become a teacher and a valuable talent in the industry. You can teach how to draft 3D models, and create how-to content revolving around 3D printing. You generally start out earning money from display ads, affiliate offers, selling courses, create your own product to sell. If you have bigger goals, then you can reinvest the profit into building something bigger.

Sell 3D Models Files – Sell What People Need

3D artists can finally do what they love to do and get paid for their hard work. Some custom 3D models can be printed for detailed scale models, and others can be used for VR and game development. The possibility is endless with a high-quality 3D portfolio. These 3D models range from video game characters, to car parts to certain replacement parts that you can’t find in retail.

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