What Is Volumetric VR Movie Experience

In this article we explain volumetric VR movie experience in simple terms that you understand exactly what this is and be excited for it.

Volumetric VR is a growing trend in super immersive VR content using 3D scanned imagery, in another world, it gives the viewer full six degrees of freedom of camera movement.

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A Very Different Experience Than 360 Degree Videos

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It's spatial rather than fixed point observational

360-degree videos have fixed camera location that only enables the view to pan left, right, up and down. Sometimes the lack of DOF (Degrees of Freedom) gives the view slight motion sickness because the relative motion doesn't match the perspective change.

Volumetric VR experience will open up the door for a super immersive video experience inside the metaverse that allows the user to feel inside the video, and this means much more visually stimulating storytelling beyond flat screens.

Videos and movies will provide better context in the future and it's going to change the experience so much that you will never go back to 2D on a TV.

How Are Volumetric Videos Filmed?

volumetric video

Volumetric videos are filmed with tons of cameras around the subjects to create VR videos out of photogrammetry data.

VR video with 3D objects is actually volumetric VR experiences where the viewer can move the head position. Volumetric filmmaking techniques involve something completely new to tell stories that can only be told in this format.

Demos You Should Try Now

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