Why Are VR Videos Low Quality

VR Videos aren't high definition enough for most users, which explains why are VR videos low quality. Most 1080 VR videos in VR feel like having 20/200 vision, and right about 16K resolution will provide the user 20/20 vision clarity in VR.

What Resolution Can The Human Eye See?

The human eye has approximately 576 megapixels per eye, and the iPhone 7's camera only has about 12 megapixels when we put things into perspective. Currently, VR headset technology continues improving the display panels to have better resolution for the user.

No Volumetric Video Viewing Experience

Currently, 3D videos can provide good virtual reality experiences with sharp images, and the user can experience spatial movement. However, current VR videos' major downside is the inability to move head position around, and the resolution is too pixelated.

Low Resolution Camera

High resolution VR stereoscopic video capturing is a challenge especially dealing with lens aberrations, focus and poor video compression process that can lead to quality loss.

Another reason is that a 4K or 8K video may look high definition on a TV screen, but it becomes relatively low resolution when enlarged inside a headset to a 1:1 real-world scale.

Almost all 360-degree videos of real-world footage have tons of room to improve to provide a truly immersive VR experience where the viewer really feels like they are there, way better than what we have today.

In order to increase VR video quality in the future, the headset resolution must get better than screen quality, footage resolution must increase, and the volumetric VR video technology to allow head movement.

Low Streaming Bandwidth

Internet speed will increase overtime according to Nelsen's law, which the speed will steadily increase by 50% per year. The goal is to at least stream 12K footage in the future, which is about 9X more image data than 4K, and the recommended speed should be about 225 Mbps, and this is where installing fiber optic internet router will be the thing of the future.

Many cities are starting to offer fiber optic internet providers to install lighting fast internet speed for homes and businesses.

Better Products Are Coming

Besides Oculus Quest 2, HTC Vive. Currently, the highest resolution VR headset in 2022 are Varjo Aero and Pimax 8K. Definitely give them a try to experience higher-quality VR games and videos.

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