Why Is My Oculus Controller Not Working [Fixes]

If your Oculus controllers aren't working, here are some fixes to try:

  • Restart Oculus VR runtime service
  • Replace battery
  • Reinstall Oculus app
  • Restart SteamVR
  • Update VR headset

Restart Oculus VR Runtime Service

Go to Windows search bar > Search "Service"


Find Oculus VR Runtime Service > Right click > Restart

restart oculus runtime service

After restarting, check the controller's overall performance as well as tracking accuracy.

Replace battery

Replacing the battery is easy. Swap them out and in most cases, controllers will work again.

Reinstall Oculus App & Restart

Oculus uninstall

Reinstall Oculus app can help clear the cache on the computer or remove damaged files. 

After reinstallation is complete, check the controllers.

Or restart the Oculus App without reinstallation.

restart oculus app

Go to Settings > Beta > Restart Oculus

Restart SteamVR

restart steamvr

If the VR app requires SteamVR, please restart SteamVR to see if it does anything.

Update VR Headset

connect your headset quest 2

Update the most recent Oculus Quest headset update either manually or automatically.


If you need a software to update all necessary software with just a few clicks, please check out DriverEasy - It automatically detects all missing or outdated drivers and one click to update them all.

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