3 Best VR Gun Stocks

FPS games in VR have been a hot trend. Serious players can really step their game by using one of these 3 best VR gun stocks for Oculus and HTC Vive.

These gun stocks are the most ergonomic for users to hold in their hands in position to simulate the pistol grip and foregrip of a rifle.

Glistco Magni - Best Overall

Glistco Magni Stock is perfect for Oculus Quest 2 controllers right out of the box that provides good stability and immersion while playing FPS games.

Steady Strap - Comfortable nylon strap with a 2-point sling to keep the stock on you so the player can go hands-free if needed

Much Better Steady Aim - Shoulder it and be more steady when shooting a long-range scoped rifle in VR.

Adjustable Length & Grip Angle - Extend or retract the stock like the real thing for different body sizes and wrist angle

Lockable Controller Mount - Neodymium high pull magnets make it easy to lock the controller to the stock by gliding it gently over the stock magnet.

Lightweight design - Ultra-light carbon fiber that is built for action without being as heavy as the virtual gun. If needed the user can attach weight to it

NIUVR VR Gun Grip For Oculus Quest 2 - Best Pistol Grip Simulation

Handgun Alike Grip Ergonomics - Assemble and disassemble easily with Oculus quest 2 touch controllers and convert it to an improved center of gravity and weight ratio gun grip for VR shooter games

Non-Scratch - The grip doesn't scratch the Oculus Quest 2 controller. It's designed to protect the controller if dropped or bumped into nearby objects

Immersive Pistol Experience - Much more realistic pistol grip angle and ergonomics to make VR shooter games like Resident Evil and Robo Recall much more immersive and realistic

Great For Developer - Develop accurate VR shooter game right from the start with the right accessory

MagTube VR gun stock is similar to Glistco Magni. Just mount the Oculus Quest 1, 2 or HTC VIVE controllers on the stock and have way more fun playing Onward, Contractor, Pavlov and other First-person shooter VR games.

It has a DIY feel to the design with 2 magnetic cups, a 2-point sling, 2 wrist straps, 3 tubes.

It's available in varieties of color designs, but it really doesn't matter once you're in VR. It also features a strap sling to shoulder the stock to increase steady aim.

Buying Guide of VR Gun Stock

Adjustable Stock

Just like the real thing, different stock length helps users with different body profile to shoulder the stock comfortably. Recent VR guns are more flexible to accommodate a variety of motions during VR gaming.

The more you can shoulder the stock that matches what your eyes see in VR the better the experience

Top-Mounted Controllers

Most VR gun allows the controllers to be mounted into the cup holder, and that leaves room for the finger to reach up there to control the stick and buttons.

Angled Controller Cups

Adjustable angle controller cups simulate the grip angles like on real guns for optimal ergonomics when presenting the gun within your natural wrist movement.

In another word, it can reduce muscle stress while holding your controller in an upright position when you keep a gunstock beneath your arm for a long period of time.

VR Gun Stock That Matches What Your Eye Sees

As more VR games become more realistic, it's important to match the feel of the gunstock to the visual representation of the gun in the game.

Weight is a big factor. A real gun isn't always the heaviest thing, and they are usually under 8 - 10 lbs for the best lightweight setup.

Most VR gun stock should be around that weight to give the most immersive experience, otherwise, attach some weight to the stock boom.

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