Durometer Shore Hardness Scale Guide

Thanks for checking out this reference guide. The Durometer Shoe Hardness scale covers the hardness of material using the Rockwell hardness test or the Durometer test

Using this scale can help you quickly identify the resistance of a material to indentation.

The higher the number, the harder the rubber


How It’s Measured

A durometer is used to measure the rubber hardness. A tester will hold the rubber on a level plan, and press the durometer needle onto the rubber’s surface to measure Shore hardness.

durometer shore hardness concept

The SI unit of hardness is expressed as N/mm².

Shore hardness scale includes:

  • Soft
  • Rubber
  • Rigid plastics
  • Supersoft gel

Shore 00 Hardness

Shore 00 hardness typically are:

Gels, Sponges, foam, and other very soft rubbers

Shore 0 Hardness

Shore 0 hardness measures soft to medium rubbers and soft plastics

Shore A Hardness

Shore A hardness shows the material’s ability to resist indentation, especially for the softer elastomers (30 – 80)

Shore A RangeApp
20 – 35Rubber band
50Rubber stamp
55Door seals
60Car window wiper
65Car tires
70 – 80Leather belt
70 – 90Hydraulic O rings
85Tap washers
90Cable cord
95Solid tires
100Ebonite rubber

Shore B Hardness

Shore B hardness measures mid-range rubbers and plastics

Shore C Hardness

Shore C hardness measures medium rubbers up to hard plastics

Shore D Hardness

Shore D measures harder elastomer (95 and above)

50 Shore DSolid truck tires
75 Shore DHard hat (typically HDPE)
80 Shore DCast urethane plastic
60 Shore DGolf balls
80 Shore DPaper-making rolls

Shore B Hardness

Shore Durometer Hardness Conversions

Shore A05101520253035404550556065707580859095
Shore B612172227323742475156626671768185
Shore C91214172024283237424752597077
Shore D6781012141619222529333946607590
Shore 08142128354248535761656972757984
Shore 0045556270768083868890919394959798

Common FAQ

Quick Reference For Shore A Hardness Level

Here are some quick references for shore A hardness scale when you see something like 10A, 40A, 70A…etc

10A – Extremely soft and can wear out very quickly

20A – Similar to rubber band

40A – Flexible and has hardness level of a pencil eraser

70A – Able to withstand pressure and often used as seals

90A – Lasts longer to withstand pressure and extrusion

Some materials will overlap on the scale.

How Does Shore Hardness Relates To Other Material Properties?

Shore hardness rating is also an indication of the material’s stiffness called flexural modulus. It’s the measures the material’s resistance to bending, while the shore hardness measures resistance to indentation.

What’s The Hardness Of TPE?

TPE material varies based on its recipes. TPE’s hardness range from 10 Shore 00 all the way up to 72 Shore D.

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