Can VR Help You Lose Weight

Can VR help you lose weight? 

Yes. most VR games can help the user sweat and burn calories to some degree. The exact number of calories a person can burn while playing VR vary by individual.

oculus quest 2

Oculus Quest now has a fitness tracking feature that is built right into its design. You will be able to monitor your progress on the screen. When you finish, you will get a complete summary of each session.

The study has shown about 5-7 calories per minute when playing virtual reality games. These VR activities engage core muscle movement when moving around. However, to achieve serious weight loss goals, normal excercises in the gym are recommended.

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Does VR Games Raise Your Heart Rate?


Oculus will get your heart rate up. It won't be as high as if you were working out, but it will get your heart rate up to over 100 beats per minute.

Can VR Replace Some Gym Workouts?

gym workout

For serious fitness goals, physical workout at the gym is still recommended for full body workout. VR workout is recommended as complimentary workout if you just need something quick to burn some calories without traveling to a gym.

This means no commute.

VR Games That Support Calorie Burn

The Thrill Of The Fight

The Thrill of the Fight brings the boxing gym to your home. This is a boxing simulation that is as exhausting as going ten rounds in a proper ring, but without the next-day bruises. You can also find speed bags and punching bags if you want to take a few days to train in peace.

Climb 2

The Climb 2 VR game is a challenging workout. It takes endurance to keep moving your arms through the virtual rock climb. You can compete with others by posting your best time on the leaderboard.


Onward is a game that simulates military combat. You won't be able to use crosshairs or mini maps in the game; instead, you will need to rely on communication and coordination with your squad in order to complete objectives.

The realistic combat mechanics and artificial locomotion will test your skills to the limit as you fight in infantry combat across a variety of maps and scenarios.

Beat Saber

Beat Saber is one of the most popular VR games. People play it to have fun, but some people also play it to be fit. You need to move around and slash things with a sword to the beat of the music. When you're done, you will feel like you worked out.

Superhot VR

In SUPERHOT VR, time only moves when you do. This means you have plenty of time to think about what to do next. Bullets, thrown bottles, punches, they all hang in the air waiting for you. You can also move slowly and carefully like in yoga or Tai Chi. This makes it a great workout because your thighs will start to burn when you squat under an incoming bullet.


Supernatural offers an alternative to regular workouts. These workouts are led by real fitness trainers and take place in beautiful locations around the world. The "Flow" workouts mix sweeping arm movements with plenty of squats and lunges for intense full-body workouts that will leave you equal parts exhausted and satisfied. There are hundreds of workouts, expertly rhythm mapped to your favorite music.

Reakt Performance Trainer

REAKT Performance Trainer is based on- technology that is used by professional athletes. You can use REAKT to improve your reaction time, decision making, and hand-eye coordination. You can also focus on training your non-dominant hand. These skills will help you in competitions, but they can also help you stay focused and present in your day-to-day life.


The VZfit app is a new VR fitness app from VirZOOM, a company that makes fitness VR games. With VZfit, you can explore different parts of the world by riding your bike around them.

You can ride through the streets of Tokyo, follow the Tour de France’s route through the Pyrenees, or explore the Grand Canyon without the heat. VZfit also works with your existing exercise equipment, or you can opt for a full-body "exerboard" workout created by a professional trainer.


Holopoint is a very challenging game. You have to be very skilled and have a clear mind to progress in the game. It is worth it when you reach the next level, beat your old high score, and become a better athlete.

Synth Riders

Synth Riders is a VR rhythm game where you dance to the music. The game is based on choreography, not on how complex the moves are. You can try to get high scores, but it's okay if you just lose yourself in the music and movement.

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