How To Appear Offline On Oculus Quest

You love getting on Oculus, but you may not want your friends or family to know what you're up to after you ignore their FB messages.

Here is how to appear offline on Oculus Quest.

Once logged into the Oculus Home on your PC, click on friends (bottom left),

  1. Open the Oculus app on your computer.
  2. Select Settings in the left menu.
  3. Select the Privacy tab and then click Privacy Settings.

Does Oculus Quest have offline mode?

wifi offline

No. Offline gaming with Quest 2 is doable as long as you have already installed the necessary software and updates. However, not all games can be played offline (even after installing them on your headset) as they require an internet connection to run.

Yes, the need to have an active Facebook account is required to download the official Oculus mobile app and sign in to Oculus. You would need internet to do this.

Can Friends See My VR Activities

vr friends

Friends on Oculus or Facebook can see your VR activities, but not your field of view unless you broadcast it live.

Once you log into the Oculus device with your Facebook account, you can choose what VR activity you post to your Facebook profile or timeline. Users can control this either by giving permission to post or by updating your privacy settings.

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