VR Full Body Tracking Oculus [HaritoraX Without Base Station]

Does Oculus have full body tracking capability?

In the past, only head and hands are tracked. Now legs can be tracked too

So the Oculus Quest can work with full body tracking, but there are extra things you need besides just the headset, and how to set it up.

Things You Need

Full-body tracking elevates the social VR experience to another level in apps like VRChat

It can better communicate your body language than just your avatar in virtual reality to increase active presence experience, and it can also perform motion capture tasks.

Base Station Setup - Expensive

Base station setup actually cost a lot of money on top of other IR tracking attachments needed.

In the context of this article, we are not recommending this type of expensive setup.

HARTIORAX - Recommended

This is a wireless full body tracking product made in Japan, and it's launching in the US in 2022. The best thing about this product is that no base station is required for tracking.

This design has made the product more accessible to people who live in smaller apartments for under $280, and it works with Oculus Quest 2 and other headsets.

There are 5 units for tracking:

  • One around the chest
  • Two around each arm
  • Two around each leg

How To Set It Up

  1. Log into Virtual Desktop on Steam
  2. Connect via BluTooth
  3. Add Device and install driver to register the device as tracker on SteamVR
  4. Now configure the calibration (Please watch this video above for instructions)

These are super lightweight tracking devices that runs about 10 hours

Check out this product here

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