Oculus Quest 2 Internet Requirements

Oculus Quest 2 Internet requirements are as follows:

  • Facebook (Meta) log in required
  • At least 50 - 100 Mbps internet connection speed (Wifi)
  • 5 Ghz wifi connection required for the best streaming performance

For the best experience without any lag, tracking issues or poor internet connection.

A home wifi internet connection should be at a minimum of 100 Mbps for anyone just using the Oculus Quest 2 on the wifi connection.

Using Air Link 

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For users connecting the Oculus Quest 2 to PC via Air Link, the best internet speed should be around 200 Mbps to ensure sufficient bandwidth to run the applications, or to stream future VR content in the 12K resolution standard.

Most Oculus APPS don't require an internet connection after download, but most of them require an internet connection for maximum interactive experience when connected. Unless you're just watching a video file transferred from your PC to the headset.

VR Chat

VR chat room

VR chat is similar to an online RPG game in virtual reality. The scene texture, models, sound, scripts, and other visual elements cost data bandwidth to load. 

Slow internet will lead to loading delay when switching scenes since the 3D environment has to be downloaded first usually about 20MB or less, unlike a full scale game that range from 800MB or even in the gigabyte range.


dcs f18

PC games with VR features are most well developed with the best graphics and interactive features. 

The Oculus Quest 2 can work these games via Air Link as long as the PC can handle it and the wifi speed can support it.

These games include:

  • Resident Evil
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • DCS
  • Job Simulator
  • Skyrim 
  • Many more...

For the most part, a 100 Mbps wifi connection can run most games and indie titles straight from PC to your Quest 2 headset.

Other VR Technology

flight simulator varjo vr

As VR technology continue to advance, the internet speed requirement will definitely go up to serve higher resolution VR videos, games and other VR apps.

Besides Oculus Quest 2, there are a few newer products to check out:

  • Varjo Aero (Much higher definition than Quest 2)
  • Pimax 12K (Wide FOV)
  • HP Reverb G2
  • Valve Index

Check them out here

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